deKryptic x MARVEL©

High Fashion Marvel Hoodies

deKryptic x Sesame Street® Bubble Jackets

Limited Stock

deKryptic x Dexter's Laboratory™

Fall 2020

deKryptic x The Joker™ Collection

T-Shirts & Denim Set

deKryptic x Dexter's Laboratory™ Bubble Jackets

Just Dropped

Sesame Street ™ x DeKryptic Available Now!

deKryptic x Miramax™


How It Works

Step 1

Download and install the Boosted Art app today and start exploring the augmented world of deKryptic with your friends. 

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Step 2

Open the Boosted Art app on your mobile device and aim your camera towards any Boosted Art powered merch and watch the AR action appear.

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Step 3

Dekrypt and unlock your augmenteded adventure and share with your friends on your favorite social media app.

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