This Weeks Round Ups 5/7

This Weeks Round Ups 5/7
In this week's round-up of what has happened in the world of Augmented reality, we have gathered some exciting news on AR collaborations!
In this week’s round of Augmented Reality picks, we bring you some amazing jaw-dropping news from the world of AR.

Laser Beams to Create 3D Holograms.

Brigham university researchers and students have created a moving 3D hologram using laser and particle imaging or digital imaging. This digital image works by releasing a tiny particle into the air. Interestingly, the 3D hologram can be viewed without using any Augmented reality headpieces.
It is fairly simple and genius how this imaging works. A laser beam at the university called Optical Trap Display (OTD) emits a particle at a high speed and when the laser pulls the particle with it at a high speed in different directions, it creates a 3D holographic image. Due to the project being limited to a single particle, the interactivity and 3D imaging display are limited but things will improve in the future.
In a video posted by Brigham university on YouTube, professor Dan Smalley tells how his team has created images and 3D hologram floating in space. In the 4-minute video, we see how he used Star Wars to make the whole scenario sound very interesting. Two battleships are seen emitting fires at each other when in reality, the particle is being dragged between the two ships at high speed to make it look like a laser blast is being carried out between two ships. It is a beautiful scene and is very real. 
Check out the video here.

Colour Your Hair Using AR

On April 20, 2021, Amazon opened its first Augmented reality backed hair salon that offers unique styling and other hair services using AR technology. The company is taking hair care to next level using AR.
The state-of-the-art technology backed salon is located in London and offers a wide range of amazon hair care services infused with amazing technology. And one such amazing hair services is the AR backed hair consultation service. Customers can try different hair colour looks on them before deciding which one to choose. This is possible by using a real-time AR display.
The beauty industry is dramatically and actively using AR. For example, “Beauty Try-on” on YouTube allows users to try real makeup looks from different brands based on their favourite beauty blogs and vlogs created by beauty influencers. Such in-store and online experiences are opening the door for companies and collaborators.

Augmented Reality Deployment in Healthcare

You may have heard of how augmented reality is making leaps and bounds in healthcare. Various services and apps have been made that use AR backed technology to make various medical services easy and efficient for patients and healthcare provider alike.
One such product has been made by a medical company called “Accuvein”. The device of also the same name uses an x-ray to convert the body’s heat signature(veins) under the skin and create an image of the signature on the surface. It is easy and reliable not to mention an efficient way to visualize a patient’s veins and another anatomy for medical purposes.

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