This Weeks Round Ups 5/14

This Weeks Round Ups 5/14
In this week's round-up of what has happened in the world of Augmented reality, we have gathered some exciting news on AR collaborations! 
This week we have a roundup of some exciting news to share with you from the world of Augmented Reality.
AR Book Lets You have an Interactive Experience.

Who would have thought that we would see an interactive Augmented reality book allowing its users to interact with it through a smartphone? Well, there is one such book and it is called the “book of Asmodeus”. Just like many popular series on Netflix which allow its viewers to interact and choose the course of the story themselves this AR embedded book allows its users to make different choices throughout the storyline of the book. However, if you make the wrong decision, you will find yourself at the start of the story and you will have to begin from scratch.
This is a great treat for book readers who love fiction and technology as it is an actual physical book that you can hold in your hands and enjoy reading. It works with a dedicated smartphone app made for the AR book. The user must use his/her voice to unlock the different demons available in the book. Apart from these treats, the smartphone app lets the user use the front camera and transport him/her to the magical pages of the AR book.
Check out more information regarding the Book of Asmodeus by clicking here.
Burger King and Rovio Entertainment partner for an AR Experience
Burger King and Rovio entertainment have come together to deliver a brand-new AR experience regarding the latter’s famous game Angry birds. Viewers can have an interactive fun gaming experience with angry birds by scanning QR codes located on burger king items such as toys, packaging, signage, etc. when you scan the QR code it opens a webAR page through your phone where you can have an amazing 3D experience while playing the game. When you are successful in defending your birdlings from the hatchlings the webAR automatically opens your front camera where you can blow away those birds that were trying to steal your eggs. You can also capture photos of this experience and share them with your friends and family. In recent years WebAR has made huge developments in the field of mobile gaming and sharing substance with its customers without third-party apps. This partnership is an example of such development.
You too can access this web experience by scanning QR Codes available at selected burger king items.
AR Glasses for PC Gamers

Augmented reality company NuEyes is taking gaming and Augmented Reality to the next level by introducing 5G-enabled smart glasses for gamers which can be used for pc gaming and entertainment purposes.
Interestingly, unlike other famous AR headsets like HoloLens, these smart glasses are dedicated to consumers who love to play PC games. These smart glasses have amazing specs as well, for example, they project a 1080p HD screen and have booming speakers, with a lightweight body. Settings such as volume, brightness, screen control, etc. are easily adjustable too. The smart glasses use a USB-C plug to connect to Samsung, PC, MACBOOK, IPAD, and other mobile devices. You may need a power adapter to plug into other devices as well but for now, you can use a USB-C cable to plug into most devices.

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