This Weeks Round Ups 4/30

This Weeks Round Ups 4/30

In this week's round-up of what has happened in the world of Augmented reality, we have gathered some exciting news on AR collaborations! 

TechSee and Vuzix 

You may have heard of TechSee, an AR solution provider that identifies and makes the functioning of real objects in the real world easy and efficient. The company uses visual technology, AR, AI, and machine learning to intellectualise objects. Via image browsing, one can get customer services that enhance the product's cognitive system and abilities. Through visual interactions, people can interact with service providers and customers and find a solution using augmented reality. This service is an amalgamation of strong AI and AR. The company has partnered with Vuzix an AR headset manufacturer. Vuzix has previously collaborated with Microsoft’s conferencing platform called Team.

Microsoft Mesh

In March 2021 during Microsoft’s ignite event, the company reviled its highly anticipated mixed reality platform called Microsoft mesh. during the event, Microsoft showed its augmented reality collaborations such as remote meetings, geolocation-based apps and mixed reality tool.
Mesh incorporates VR, AR, and MR aspects so that people seem holographic in virtual settings and vice versa. it has surely distorted the lines between AR, MR, and VR. Till now Microsoft has integrated Mesh with its top tier services such as Microsoft 365, Azure, One Drive, HoloLens. These collaborations will have significant futuristic advantages for Augmented reality.


ThirdEye and Drones:

If you do not know about ThirdEye, it is a company renowned for EMS support and AR Initiatives. It has introduced its AR smart glasses in 2018- and its second-generation headset in 2019.

Apart from these inventions, it has also launched “RespondEye “a remote support program made for EMS Workers. ThirdEye has had long partnerships and interest in healthcare.

However recently they have launched “DroneEye”, a drone application incorporated with a headset (eyeglasses) that comes in handy for Law enforcement and EMS people. Drone eye has various applications in the field of military, agriculture, healthcare, and law enforceme

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